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Direct To Home (DTH)

    Doordarshan has migrated its DTH service "DD Free Dish" from old Satellite (INSAT-4B) to new satellite (GSAT-15) with effect from 1st February, 2016.

    Information regarding Migration of Doordarshan Free Dish DTH service from INSAT-4B to GSAT-15 Satellite.

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  1. In general, DTH service is the one in which a large number of channels are digitally compressed, encrypted, uplinked and beamed down over a territory from a very high power satellite. The DTH signals can be received directly at homes with the help of a small sized dish receive unit containing a Dish Antenna of diameter 60 to 90 cm installed at the building’s roof-top or on the wall facing clear south and one indoor

  2. Set-Top-Box unit facilitating viewing of demultiplexed signals from DTH channel bouquet on TV set. The DTH signals can be received anywhere across the country irrespective of the terrain conditions provided the area comes under the footprint of the Satellite.

  3. DTH transmission eliminates the intervening role of a local cable operator since a user is directly connected to the DTH service. DTH Transmission is most preferred in Ku- Band so as to avoid the need of larger Dish sizes for suitably receiving the DTH signals. As the DTH telecast is in the Digital mode, user is able to reap all the benefits of Digital transmission. Programs in the DTH bouquet are having higher resolution picture and better audio quality than traditional analog signals.

  4. Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television is becoming a buzzword in the satellite broadcast industry due to the fact that DTH offers immense opportunities to both broadcasters and viewers. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, DTH broadcast operators worldwide have been able to introduce a large number of new interactive applications in the television market besides a large number of entertainment programmes over a single delivery platform. In addition, since digital technology permits a highly efficient exploitation of the frequency spectrum, the number of TV channels that can be broadcast using digital technology is significantly higher than with analogue technology. The increased number of television channels allows the operator to satisfy the demand of a number of niche markets with dedicated transmissions. 

             In case there is any difficulty, viewers are advised  to contact the nearest STB dealer or Toll Free Helpline No. 1800-110-510